Reasons for moving to Country

1. We get more time to spend with God

2. We get more time to spend with our children 

3. Surrounded by Nature which is a constant reminder of its creator 

4. Surrounded by Nature which gives peace of mind

5. Manual labour in country is exercise, no need to allocate separate time for exercise. Your work is your exercise 

6. You can give Bible based character building education to children. No need to outsource their education 

7. No air pollution 

8. You can grow organic food. No pesticides 

9. You are prepared for upcoming crisis which prohibits Christians from buying food.

10. More time with God enables you to be a better minister of God in the world.

11. Less disease 

12. You can grow your own medicine 

13. No need to live a life to compete with others like buying better car than neighbour or high end smartphone just to make ourselves fit in the society or accepted by society.

14. Your children don’t get spoiled by other children in cities
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The Glad Tidings

A bible student who wants to publish the defense of what he believes based on the word of God which he believes forms the foundation of what he believes.

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