A short discussion with Pentecost Pastors

My mother was a Pentecost before becoming an Adventist. She raised me up in Pentecost faith. There was a non christian girl in my church who became christian. She initially attended a Pentecost church. Her pastor announced her one day that he is going to anoint her with gift of tongues.

He told her to continuously say ‘Praise the Lord’. While she is saying that he asked her to say it faster. While she is saying faster he told her to bend the tongue. As she started blabbering with her tongue folded he said now you are anointed with ‘Gift of Tongues’

She was not convinced of this experience. Eventually when she was given a bible study by an SDA pastor she became an Adventist.

As I grew I became more concerned about this pentecostal movement as millions of people are deceived by their false gift of Tongues and false miracles.

When I meet these pastors I reasoned with them of their belief from scriptures.

One day I was in my aunts place where there were two pastors shouting and praying with what they believed as gift of tongues. Once the prayer was over I started talking with one of the pastor. While conversing I asked about his children. He informed that his son completed his Bachelors in theology in his hometown and now he is sending him to Bangalore city to learn English.

I asked him why he has to send his son to Bangalore to learn English. Since they have the gift of tongues they can speak English with that. With this question both the pastors were shocked and became dumbfounded.

I told them when apostles were given gift of tongues they were able to speak in languages (tongues) which they don’t know.

I have been to many pentecost church where they employed professional translators to translate the sermon in English and in other languages.

Why none of the pastors can speak in other languages with their gift of tongues.

To know more about true gift of tongues.


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The Glad Tidings

A bible student who wants to publish the defense of what he believes based on the word of God which he believes forms the foundation of what he believes.

One thought on “A short discussion with Pentecost Pastors”

  1. In 1 Corinthians chapter 14 it is written that we should understand what is being spoken and that an interpreter is needed and if there is no interpreter those who speak in other tongues/languages should keep silent 14:28. Pentecostals believe they should to speak in their church without understanding.

    There are some independent Adventist ministers behave like Pentecostals. They say we should do and obey without understanding. They want obedience without understanding.

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