The History of Jehovah Witnesses

The below history is taken from the book “Our Friends: The Jehovah Witnesses”

*1874. Pastor Russell and his group of Bible Students are disappointed when Christ did not return as expected.

*1878. They are again disappointed when the Resurrection does not take place but then teach that both events did take place – but were invisible.

1879. Zion’s Watchtower and Herald of Christ’s Presence commenced to teach these new found ‘truths’.

1886. First volume of the Millennial Dawn series published. Later called Studies in the Scriptures.

*1914. Armageddon and the End of the World does not take place nor any of the other events as foretold.

*1915. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc. are not resurrected as predicted.

1916. Pastor Russell dies and is succeeded as president by Judge J.F. Rutherford.

1917. The Finished Mystery confirms the *1874 and *1878 dates. It foretells the *1918, *1920 and *1925 dates.

*1918. Christendom and its churches were not destroyed as foretold.

*1920. The republics did not disappear as had been foretold.

Millions Now Living Will Never Die, foretells the resurrection in * 1925 of Abraham and the Princes of old.

1924. The Way to Paradise foretells how after* 1925 people can call up Abraham in Jerusalem and apply to have their loved ones resurrected.

*1925. It had prophesied that in 1925 theKingdom would be set up on the earthand Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc.would be resurrected to administer it. The mansion “Beth Sarim” (shown in the above picture) was built in California for them to occupy eventhough the book The Way to Paradisep. 225 had described how Abraham would live. None of the foretold events come to pass.

1928. The pyramid prophecies condemned

(During the decade well over 100 teachings of “truth” have been discarded or altered.)

1929. Beth Sarim is built.

1931. The name Jehovah’s Witnesses adopted.

1935. Vaccinations condemned.

1942. Rutherford dies in Beth Sarirn. N. H. Knorr becomes president.

1945. Blood transfusions begin to be condemned.


The first edition of the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures appeared in 1950. It was the work of their own Translation Committee. Only one, Fred Franz, had sufficient knowledge of the Bible languages to attempt a translation of this kind. He had studied Greek for two years but was only self taught in Hebrew.

They used the master Greek text of Westcott and Hort which is based on only 5% of the manuscripts which included the Vaticanus and Sinaticus. These two corrupted manuscripts commissioned by Constantine leave out thousands of words and whole clauses. They contained the Aprocrapha which supports prayers for the dead.

Westcott and Hort did not believe in teachings such as Creation, Heaven, the Second Coming, miracles or inviting people to receive Christ as Savior.

On the other hand they believed in Mary worship, prayers for the dead, purgatory, communism, in contacting demons, and decided between variant readings on the basis of their “inner consciousness”.

The New World Bible is described as a “biased” translation. (And not original manuscripts as many believe)

1952. Vaccinations are now allowed, but not blood transfusions.

1966. Baptisms are at an all time low so the new date of *1975 is set for the End.

1967. Organ transplants are termed “cannibalism” and forbidden.

1969. The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures. It reveals many contradictions and errors in the New World Bible.

1972. April 1, Watchtower, claims the Watchtower Society is Jehovah’s Prophet.

*1975. “The wicked world’s end” does not come as expected.

1977. N. H. Knorr dies after witnessing the devastating effect of the *1975 date failure. He is succeeded by Frederick W. Franz.

1978. The Society suffers a -1.4% membership loss as a result of *1975.

1980. Organ transplants allowed.

1983. Raymond Franz writes Crisis of Conscience. It destroys faith in the organization, as it reveals many ‘inside’ problems and errors.


For many years the Watchtower Society taught Armageddon would occur within a generation of 1914. The following illustration was often used in its publications: Some of the people of 1914 will live to see the end

1984. The Watchtower, May 15 has an article, 1914 – The Generation That Will Not Pass Away. It is still teaching that the End will come within a generation from 1914.

1989. You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth (1989 ed.) page 154, has this illustration: People of 1914 will see the end.

1995 The 1914 Generation are now over 80 years of age. The Biblical “lifetime” – (not merely “generation”) of “threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years…” (Psalms 90:10) had now been exceeded. Again the Society is in trouble. So in The Watchtower, November 1, page 17, it announced: “…the term ‘generation’ as used by Jesus refers principally to contemporary people of a certain historical period…”

1996. With this new “truth” the urgency of the generation limitation was gone and worldwide service hours dropped this year by 10 million.

2001. Membership increase only 1.7%. Service figures the lowest in years.

2002. Many European countries reporting losses.

2003. Only 258,845 baptised. This is the lowest figure for 15 years.


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